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The mission of the Native Plant Master Program is to educate the public about native plants in order to foster stewardship, sustainable landscaping and management of weeds that threaten native ecosystems.

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NPM Participant Comments

Participants in NPM courses and classes are highly complimentary as can be seen by these comments from participants:

  • “One of the best courses I have ever taken before or after college.”
  • “It is the best educational experience I have had through my local Extension office.  What makes it the best? It is outside, it is hands-on, it is taught by passionate, intelligent people, it has relatively high expectations of participants, it is practical, it has real world applications.”
  • “I thought the instructors were great. They had a lot of patience with people who were just starting to explore native plants. I thought the introductory/refresher course was excellent. There a lot of extremely talented people in this program and I am ecstatic that I had the chance to participate!”
  • “I think this is an excellent program — a fabulous way to teach about Native Plants and conservation in a way that is accessible, systematic, and reinforces retention of the material.”
  • “Stellar organization and resources materials. It was truly one of my favorite programs I have attended. The information is so interesting, pertinent and exciting.”
  • Randy Fischer, former State Representative, House District 53 said, “This is a great program that I support wholeheartedly.  Thank you for the great work you are doing to help protect and sustain native ecosystems. “
  • “I have used my identification skills to educate my crew mates about what plants to collect for restoration projects, what plants to leave alone, and what plants to remove during invasive plant control efforts.”
  • “I worked for two golf courses and thanks to this program I was able to change landscaping on the courses into more native areas, reducing labor, and water and chemical use. This helped save the golf course’s money and helped me retain my job.”
  • “I took two NPM classes prior to applying for a position on with the city’s ecological restoration crew. I was told that my experience identifying native and invasive plants was a deciding factor in my selection.”
  • “I was campaigning for elected office by canvassing the neighborhoods in my district. I used the knowledge I gained from the Native Plant Master courses to speak to voters and constituents about their lawns and sustainable gardens.”